Youth for Human Rights India is hosting its “GLOBAL PEACE AND HUMAN RIGHTS SUMMIT 2019 AND AWARDS” in Lucknow on the 23rd to 24th of November. This global summit is an opportunity for people all over the world to avail an unbiased platform to contribute towards humanitarian development and put forth their views and achievements for a broader platform to acknowledge. The goal of this summit is to unite Youth and adults from the globe to talk about innovation, implementation of best practices for promotion, education and training of human Rights and UNSDGs. The participants and guests will come from all around the world, which will include dignitaries from the Government of India and other countries. Youth for Human Rights India envisions a better future for generations to come. Our Vision as an organization is to imbibe our principal methods that promote human rights and understanding of sustainable development goals 2030 and commitment to achieve them. Youth for Human Rights India is a Non-Profit Organization which is supported by Holy Vision International.

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