Is a veteran social worker, a Geographer, Environmentalist, Human Rights Activist and eminent educationist with a vision to empower the EWS people of our society in terms of education, health, and hygiene and make them well aware about important social issues like conservation of environment and forests, Human Rights Education Etc.

Mission and Vision

I envision a better future for our children by encouraging them to become a part of this movement. Our mission encompasses the youth making sure that we reach our goals of development, awareness and education of Human Rights for peace and tolerance. Instigating the youth of today, especially in India, the youngest nation, is a responsibility that will flower beautiful results if we nurture them with kindness, respect and dignity. It is important to understand that every individual is unique, and has different methods of implementing teachings and ideals. However, a peaceful, educational, and extensive method of creating awareness benefits every single individual who is passionate about bringing a change into the world. The Vision is to expand into the various fields of education and teaching and help them imbibe our principal methods that promote human rights and their understanding. We want to realise our dream of envisioning a nation where people respect each other irrespective of age, sex, gender, creed, caste, religion or nationality. We want India to become a nation that stands atop the pinnacle of an example of how creating peaceful awareness and education can change the entire scenario of progress for a country. I have always kept my goals and directives apparent for all to see. I have been working towards a more progressive path to be carved for India’s youth, which can only happen with their support. I provide numerous opportunities to youngsters for them to propel their opinions, and express their individuality and their concerns about the nation’s progress. This is why the workshops, seminars, conferences, summits, rallies, walks or any event I organise, includes many youth volunteers. My vision of a better future includes equal rights for every human being, and for respect to be given to people irrespective of any socially constructed orientation. I want to guide the youth to work for a better environment for them to live in. This would help us survive through sustainability with the goodness of nature present for the generations to come and ensure that peace and tolerance is followed throughout India and the world around us. My vision for India is not just my dream but now my reality as many volunteers have partnered up with me and my organisations to help cement this dream into a prosperous reality. Through education, peace, and humanity we will build a better place for the world to live in.We are called to make a difference and WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE
Dr. Arjumand Zaidi


Till now we have a total of four ventures which are listed below
  • St. Xavier’s Convent School

    Our mission is to unite ourselves through education. A move from self centered existence to co-existence, from confrontation to interaction, from alienation to collaboration. To achieve meaningful collaboration, those engaged in education must enable others to live together in mutual empowerment. For peaceful co-existence we have to constantly endeavor to build communities on the basis of shared values.

  • Holy Vision International

    In 2004, 12 years after starting the Holy Vision International, Dr. Arjumand Zaidi felt compelled to address the issue of education al in equity at scale. As she thought through the solution, she believed that the answer lay in a people’s movement that needed to come together to provide every child in India an excellent education.

  • Youth for human rights India

    Youth for human rights India is a non-profit organization working for the betterment of the society the main aim of the organization is to promote human rights in India and with the neighboring countries as well. Giving education, promotion and training to youth and adults about human right as per United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and making them advocates of peace and tolerance and to motivate them to achieve UNSDGs 2030.

  • Versant Media and Animation Technologies

    Versant Media and Animation Technologies is an educational institute which imparts vocational courses in animation / VFX, graphic and web designing, film making and other courses related to media field. Our courses are registered under NSDC (National Skill Development Cooperation).