Impact of COVID-19 on Environment

A change must first come from within; only then one can attempt to make a significant contribution to humanity and environment.
The Impact of Covid-19 is very positive on Environment. Delhi used to have the most dangerous quality index of air but now it’s improving.
As compared to previous history, Chandigarh is having more greenery in the city. The flora & fauna is healing better and overall the environment is in its healing process eventually.
Being a Human, one who has dominion and authority over almost everything on earth, we can retain these positive changes of environment and helps it to improve more and more and more. And for that we can take some good initiatives like we can drive car only when it’s required, as we are staying at home mostly, we can plant more samplings, we can reduce the wastage of water and so on.
Because optimum utilisation of natural resources is also required. We have to preserve them for our future generation also or else what will we leave for their legacy.
As we love our children and wish to give them every blessing of earth just like that we have to bless them with a safe environment which will keep them healthy & fit.
Let’s take an initiative by ourselves that whatever it takes to keep our environment clean, green and healthy, we will do it. #Be_the_Change.